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Let us help you:

  • Understand the difference between Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income payments and ensure you're applying for the right benefit program.
  • File your initial application for Social Security Disability benefits (Supplemental Security Income/SSI or Social Security Disability Insurance/SSDI).
  • Complete forms for your Social Security Disability claim.
  • Obtain status information from the Disability Determination Service.
  • Compile medical evidence from your treating physicians and healthcare providers to help prove you are disabled.
  • Appeal a Social Security Administration disability denial.

Already applied?  We can help.

Haven’t applied?  We can help.

Been denied?  We can help!

Linarducci Law is here to HELP YOU and to make the process simpler in obtaining the Social Security Disability benefits that you need and deserve.

Simply put: We help you understand the Social Security disability process, and more importantly know what steps have to be taken before a decision is issued.

As our client, we will advise you on the law, and obtain relevant documentation from your doctors to prove your disability. If you are denied benefits, we make sure that your appeal is timely filed, and explain the appeals process to you.

Attorney fees for representation in a Social Security claim must be approved by the Social Security Administration, and in our case – we only collect our fee if benefits are obtained!

It all starts with a phone call, email or stop into our friendly local office. Contact us today so that we can begin helping you through the process of obtaining your benefits.

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